Letters to Gina

You work with someone from Weirton West Virginia?
That's so strange, huh, did we fix his/her house?

I am currently sitting in my office and freezing
to death because my school tends to leave the heat
off until the frost tends to build up on the
lenses of our glasses and our every breath blinds
the computer screen with a sheen of foggy exhale.
I only have a half hour to go, so I'm going to
drink cup after cup of hot coffee to keep my core
temperature up.

So you're moving to DC? That's great. I always
loved going to see the cherry blossums in the
spring. I would go there with my parents, but
being young I don't think I ever appreciated it
enough for them. It sounds like you are doing
well. Working for the Navy sounds like fun, so do
you get special perks like 50% off on anchor
tattoos or marina rides? Oh, do you have a little
sailor outfit! Sorry, I think working around
elementary students is reducing my mentality to
their level. My last class and I had an insult
contest, where I told them they were stupid and
liked to eat toliet paper for breakfast and a kid
said that I like to sniff diapers on a hot day and
another girl called me pantyman (a man who goes
around stealing women's panties off of
clotheslines and laundryrooms.) When I found out
about what a pantyman was, the class broke out in
riotous laughter.

So, how did I end up here? I graduated in 2003
and was working as a poetry teacher and starving
to death so I started working in restaurants as a
manager/waiter/bartender and then cook. I started
my own dessert catering business and sold a ton of
cheesecakes and other delicacies. Then I decided
that I wanted to travel the world because I didn't
think being a dessert chef was what I wanted to do
for the rest of my life. So...I'm here. I lived
in Gyeong Ju, South Korea last year and now I'm
living in Seoul. I plan on making it to Thailand
and India in the next year or two and then who knows.

15 minutes to go. You couldn't imagine how cold
it gets in Seoul. We don't get that much snow,
but I think the air is a bit meaner here and goes
right through every layer with with vengence.

Well tell me more about yourself. I mean, I don't
think we really had a chance to get to know each
other before. I hope we keep in touch and become
good friends.

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