Lesson Plans for next week

I am listening to Bach cello suites by Pablo Casals and I'm trying to figure out my lesson plans for next week. I need to have a lesson ready by Wednesday. This week my topic has been "Roommates" with a focus on Opposites. I did a matching game.

That reminds me, I think this week I need to plan a new Jeopardy game. My fifth and 6th grade classes have been asking for it. Categories: Harry Potter, Anime, The World, Opposites, and The Sentence.

That should take up 20 minutes of the class or so. Plus, they seem to enjoy it.

Anyway, I start off the "Roommates" with a 5 minute game. They throw the dice around and they have to say an English word and then pass the dice to someone else. That person takes the last letter of the word and tells the class a word that starts with that same letter. Starting the lesson off this way is a great way to get a good vibe from the students.

Then I write a dialogue on the board and get them to copy it, repeat it, and then practice it. Then I talk about opposites and then pass out a paper with a bad roommate. They have to tell me what is wrong in the picture. After that we talk about what is the perfect roommate and then a game. Posted by Picasa

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