Harry Potter Skit for 4th and 5th Grade Classes

Hermione: Professor Dumbledore!  Professor Snape gave me an A- in potions!

Dumbledore:  Now Hermione, you need to shut up.  Damn bat Avra Cadabra! He isn't evil...like me!

Hermione:  But he is working for Voldemort!

Dumbledore: Run along girl or I'll turn you into a dung beetle!

                Hermione Leaves

Hermione: Professor sure is acting strange.  I'll put on this invisiblity cloak and follow him.

                Professor Dumbledore takes off his mask to reveal, gasp, that he is really Voldemort!

Voldemort: Snape!  Cruxio!  Hermione is suspicious!  Cruxio again!

Snape: Master...Ow...Sorry....She was bothering me!  Ow.

Voldemort: I'll turn you into a dog! POOOF

Snape:  Woof.  Woof.


Hermione: Harry, Ron, Professor Dumbledore is really Voldemort!

Harry and Ron: Oh, no!  What should we do?

Ron: Wait.  I have a plan.


Harry: Professor.  Here is a present from me.  Good-bye!

Professor Dumbledore: That's so nice!  (I'm still going to kill you.)

Hermione: And me. Bye.

Ron: And me! Bye

Professor Dumbledore:  How nice.  They must be clocks.  Maybe I shouldn't kill them.

TICK TICK TICK BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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