My Love affair with Blogger is ending

I'm really starting to HATE Blogger!  I mean I wasted a whole week trying to get virtual PC 7 to work on my PC with Picasa2 only to find out that I can't add photos to my blog through Picasa.  Instead I have to add pictures through Hello through Picasa to my blog.  Now today (and this has been my ongoing plight since I started to use Picasa and Hello) is that I can't access my blog on a regular basis.  I'm currently on the search for a new blogging system.  One that is integrated with iphoto and macs more.  I'm also on the search for a new web site design program because .mac is ridiculously priced and actually not that great.  Yes, I'm turning into an internet nerd, but I don't care.  I like to retreat into my little cave.


Daniel Lee Gray
Yeoksam, Seoul, South Korea
MSN dnlgray

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