3rd Grade Class week of March 27th


Look at the Robot Lobsters aren't they cool? They'll probably be good with a bit of dill butter and lemon.

Ok, now onto what I have to do for this week. 3rd Grade.

1. Start with 2 tongue twisters to get the class going:

Bad Black Bread
A Big Bad Bear's Bed

2. Review "Hello, My name is...."

3: Teach "How are you?" Show pictures of people tired, happy, sad, angry,

4: Game, ask students about how they are.

5: CD rom: Cinderella story, do a short play.
Characters are Shim chon- spaceship.
Cinderella- Pumpkin Coach
Hong- boo-bird
Kongee- toad/frog
Add Superman - fly

I'm so tired. I'm so sad. (Children must pretend to work.)
I want to party! (They fly, hop, or skip to the party.)
This is fun. (Everyone pretends to eat.)
I am happy!
The food is delicious.
Oh, no! It's 12 O'clock. (Slaps their cheeks like in Home Alone.)
I must go home! (They fly, hop or skip back to their seats.)
Good-bye. See you again!

6: Alphabet Race. A-G only. On the board. Six teams. Posted by Picasa

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