5th Grade Week of March 20th Chap 1 "Where is Namdaemun"


Review the alphabet.

I'm going to review directions. Go straight. Go left. Go right. Go back. etc. Then they should do exercise 45. Afterwards each row has to do Alphabet relays. Each row will have to go down the line and write a word for each letter of the alphabet. They can write any word. Each person can only write one word for their turn.

Then I'm going to do a game like Minesweeper.

There are 10 different places they are marked:

Candy Store
Dan's House

Then the bad places:
Voldemort's House

Each team will have to direct a person through the classroom and try to get to a certain destination. If they choose the incorrect one then they will lose. Each team has three people. If they can't get to their destination in 3 tries then they will lose.

If there is time then blindfold one student.

Two teams only. Posted by Picasa

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