3rd Grade Lesson + Game

I just found out today that my overly educated students will be tested
on the book. So I'm going to use the book to teach some of the
lessons. 3rd Grade's topic is Greetings.

The dialogue is:

Minsu: Hi Julie.
Julie: Hi Minsu.
Zeeto: Hello, Minsu.
Minsu: Hello, Zeeto.
Zeeto: Hi, I'm Zeeto.

Seriously...this whole chapter is about saying Hi. I'm going to mix it
up a bit and add the postcard exercise. I don't need to do this for a
while. I'm thinking like the 3rd week. Let's do a greeting from Dad
and then get them to write postcards and then I'll mail them to him.
It'll cheer him up.

Dad: Hello. My name is Larry and I am Daniel's father. I was born in
Tennessee, USA. I am 60 years old and my birthday is September 21st. I
have traveled all over the world. When I was younger I was a soldier
and then I worked for a computer company. These days, I am sick so I
can't work. I hope we can meet some day and please be nice to my son.

Exercise. Write a Post Card to Larry.

Greeting game:

Pass the ball and say:
You must greet yourself and say something you like and then say it's
nice to meet you.

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