Making a recipe: Lesson 5?

Lesson 5: Making a recipe. I want the kids to make a recipe for
anything. They can make alligator icecream for all I care. I'll focus
on certain verbs and show them how to make a recipe and then they'll
make their own food.

Lesson 6? Make your own game. They have to come up for rules for
their own game- like my English Pong or Harry Potter. If the game is
good, we'll try it in class.

Lesson 7. The pass the cup game...but I need lyrics for them to chant.

Lesson 8. Postcards to America. I'll get different classes to send
postcards to: Linda Russell, Jeanne, Henry, Mom, Dad, Jill, Jenna,
Deb Fox, the English Department, Devon Harner, Nina Juliano, I have
24 classes...I can make them for anyone.

Lesson 9. Egg drop. I'll give each group Newspaper and masking tape
and they've got to protect an egg from a high drop. This would take
2 classes.

-Just a few things I thought of at 4am.


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