4th grade lesson 1

To start, I HATE HANWORD. It's the worst program ever. It is not
compatible with anything. I can't copy and past the text into another
program like word or even into the web. Another annoyance in an ever
growing list of annoyances in the land of the not quite right.

Fourth Grade Lesson 1 is Nice to Meet you. I'm going to have to focus
on that for the month...sort of. The first chapter has a nice weather
bingo thing. I'm going to use that for an activity.

The dialogue is:
How's the weather?
It is sunny.
It looks like snow.

I am rewriting the dialogue to:
A: How is the weather?
B: It's raining cat's and dogs!
A: Oh my gosh! I am allergic to them.
B: No, silly. I mean it is raining very hard.
A: These days the weather is so strange. Yesterday it was hailing.
B: What's hail?
A: It's like big, heavy snow.
B: I'm just glad it's not a hurricane or a tsumami.
A: Yeah, me too.

Bingo: The bingo grid is currently

I need them to change it to

I am going to have to add 7 extra pictures.
Tsunami, Hail, Raining cats and dogs, weather forecast, cloudy, foggy,

I'll finish this tomorrow.


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