6th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 1 "May I help you"


1: First go over the picture on page 40. Ask, "What kind of store is this?" "What are they selling here?" Vocab: Dolls, robots, candy, pillows, etc.

2: Look and Listen 1. First talk about the statue of liberty. "Where is it? New York. What kind of land is it on? Island. What is the name of the island? Ellis Island. What is it made out of? Who has gone to it?

Next watch the dialogue twice.
"What was he going to buy first?" Helicopter "Why didn't he buy it?" It was too expensive. What was he going to buy next? A doll. A teddy bear. A talking teddy bear. How much was it? Did he buy it? Who did he give the doll to? Why did he give the doll to her.

Listen and repeat X2

3. Page 42 do the look and speak. Repeat X2 ask, "What kind of store is it? Stationary Store. What can you buy in a stationary store? What did he want? Pencil case. How much was it? Is that a good price? Ask, how much was your pencil case. Is it expensive. Do the same for the flowershop.

4. Let's read and repeat.

5. Do exercise 2 on page 43.

6. Game: The Price is Right. Example stapler.

How much is this?


Actual price= 2.99

2.01= winner.

After they win they must do dialogue to win.

May I help you?
How much is this?
It is______.
Here is______.
Here's your change. (give a piece of candy as the change. It was white day today, so candy seemed appropriate.)

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