Third Grade Week 2 Chapter 1


Lesson 1 Hello, I'm Minsu

1. Talk about the picture in the book. Go over the vocab- dog, girl, boy, headphones, tree, bush, Alien, spaceship. Talk about why Zeeto is acting funny.

2. Listen and repeat. Vocab- stairway, backpack. Classroom, sweeping. Thomas and Nina are sweeping the floor together. Playground. Ask, "What can you do at the playground."

3. Pass the ball game.

A: "Hello, My name is ____"
B: "My name is______"
A: "It is nice to meet you."
B: "It is nice to meet you too."

4. Look and Listen 2. Vocab: Hide and seek. Surprised, sad because she lost.

5. Listen and Repeat 2. Vocab: Sidewalk. Park Bench. Soccer Ball.

6. End with Word game. Posted by Picasa

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