Shit...Origami is crap FINANCIAL UPDATE

I bought MSFT microsoft thinking that they were going to go into the
hardware biz only to find out that they just producing a weaker version
of XP for UMPCs ( Windows XP for the new Ultra Mobile PC platform.)

I don't think UMPC will take off. They are too bulky and I still
haven't heard about the battery life. There are not enough wireless
connections. However, I think there will be a great push for wireless

MSFT has fell .24 while my Apple (APPL) has dropped almost 6.00 points
in the last week. Good thing I sold it off. I'll buy it up week.

I'm keeping an eye on Water stocks and I want to look at:

> First is *Leucadia National* (LUK
> <>, news
> <>, msgs
> <>).
> This very low-profile company is sort of a New York version of
> Berkshire Hathaway -- only much, much more successful over the past
> one-, three-, five-, seven- and 10-year periods.

> Second is *Brookfield Asset Management* (BAM
> <>, news
> <>, msgs
> <>).
> It is a holding company, based in Canada, with direct investments of
> $20 billion and a portfolio of funds under management of $7 billion.
> Assets include 70 office properties, 120 power-generating plants,
> thousands of acres of timber and a property development operation
> under the Brookfield brand name. It has a $14 billion market cap, and
> its shares are trading near an all-time high on improving volume. This
> is a great company to buy on dips.
> Brookfield is up 1,015% in the past 10 years, while Leucadia is up
> 500% and Berkshire is up 159%. Over three years, the difference is
> just as dramatic, with Brookfield up 370%, Leucadia up 145% and
> Berkshire up 34%.
I am looking at GOOG for short gains. I figure with the fluxuations, if
I buy 10 shares or so, I can buy it at ~340 and sell for ~370. I'll net
the difference and buy it again when it dips and sell it off. I figure
I can make a couple hundred.

April 1st is my make or break day. Until it arrives, I'm just going to
coquettish with the market. Let's see if what happens in Tech and watch
for any major disasters. Bird Flu???? Water Shortage???? Stocks are
the harbingers of greed.

My next aquisition after an IRA will be Gold and/or Silver.


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