5th Grade Week of April 10th: Review Schedule and Chapter 7, "She's Tall"


1. Review Chapter 6 by getting a student to volunteer and making a fake schedule for their day. After getting all them to give the times for when the students get up and what-not get them to recite after me the student's daily schedule.

2. Do page 55. Part 1: "Everyday Robert gets up at 7am. He get's dressed and he goes to school with his friend Suzy at 8am. Everybody works hard and they eat lunch at 12pm.

3. Chapter 7, "She's Tall." First do the Look and Listen get them to listen to it twice and then ask them questions about what happened in the movie then listen and repeat.

4. Pick 4 students and ask them to go to the board. Write fake names over their heads like Mr. Homework, Miss Queen Kong, etc... Then ask students who is the smartest, tallest, shortest, etc.

5. Game: What's Missing? Use the School Supplies magnetic cutouts. Posted by Picasa

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