Teacher's Class Week of April 10th

ESL Podcast
Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

This is turning out to be a month for seeing old friends. I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a old friend from graduate school. She and her family are visiting L.A. for a week. They plan to see family and to visit old friends. Since she moved out of the country, I hadn’t seen her in ages. I’m looking forward to meeting her new kids and seeing her again.

Another old friend called this week. She and I were buddies in our undergraduate days. She plans to swing by L.A. on her way to San Francisco. We’ve made plans to have lunch. She works in Washington D.C. as a political advisor and is usually very busy. I’m glad she could make time for us to get together.

When we say good-bye to our friends, we always hope to keep in touch. But, what with this and that, it’s sometimes hard to do. With friends that I’ve fallen out of touch with, it’s sometimes hard to meet up again and pick up where we left off. We’ve both moved on to a different phase in our lives. Some of my old friends have become very successful, living lives in the fast lane. Other friends are struggling along and are just making ends meet. But, no matter how they’re doing, it’s always nice to touch base again.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these old pals of mine and catching up after all this time.

(1)First thing I'm going to do is give them a quiz.

1. The speaker got an e-mail from a friend from
A) Graduate School B) Undergraduate School C)Elementary School D) High School.

2. "I hadn't seen her in ages." means:
A)The speaker doesn't know her friend's age.
B)Ages is the name of a department store.
C) The speaker had not seen her friend for a long time.

3. "But, what with this or that, it's sometimes hard to do." What does "what with this or that" mean?

4. Use "make ends meet" or "making ends meet" in a sentence.

5. What are some other words for friends?

(2) After the quiz, I'll go directly into the book. Review negative and positive answers for questions page 6 and 7.

(3) Lesson Adverbs of Frequency page 8 and 9.

Go over page 10 and 11.

Homework is page 12 read and answer story questions on page 13 and do written exercise. Posted by Picasa

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