James' Class April 14th, 2005

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This is a pic from flickr. Thanks Brophtron^^

James is a fairly intelligent child from my first impressions. I'm going to work on phonics with him. I'm thinking of starting with B,V,P,F's today. I just want him to start mimicing me. I'll keep drilling him on these letters.

Second part will be vocab. I'm going to see where his level is. I'll have to take some pictures with me and find out what he knows and what I need to teach him. I'll make sample sentences using the new vocab. I'm thinking a what's missing game.

3rd part I'm thinking I should do some poems from the Light in the Attic or a story book if his mother has one to provide.

4th part, if there is time, I'll finish with an easy Mad Lib.


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