Why I'm buying Apple AAPL (again)


this is why:

XP Gaming on a Mac (Verdict: ZOMG It Works!)
I was a platform fence-sitter. I am no longer.

Good bye, sweet PC, it is time for me to find a better life with my new lover, the iMac. While I will always treasure our BSODs, emergency antivirus boot disks, and how you always took the time out of your day to spend half an hour booting up, I am leaving you. Know that it wasn't your fault; it was Jobs.

I thought that Origami was going to pan out, but I didn't expect this from AAPL. I'm buying as many shares as possible. Apple has about 5-9% of the market now and it could triple or more.

That's my story. I'm sticking to it.

(why did I ever doubt Jobs in the first place...Oh, yeah, now I remember- DRM and the firmware update on the ipod that made it impossible to watch my own movies.)

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