Week of April 10th. 3rd Grade, What is this? Lesson 2

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1. Start with Phonics warm-ups. B's and V's

Bread is better buttered.

Vicky, Victor and Victoria Vacuumed.

2. Go over page 20, "Look and Listen"

3. Page 21, Listen and repeat.

4. Teach the difference between this and that. Go around the room and get the students to ask, "What is this? What is that?"

5. Teach, "Opps, I'm sorry. That's ok." I am not doing the stupid chant in the book.

6. Game. "What is missing." Boys versus Girls. Put magnetic school supplies on the board tell them to look at it for 5 seconds and then turn and face the class. I will take 2 pieces away and they have to guess what is missing.

For the last time take all of them away and the person who says, "everything is missing," wins.

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