Mushroom House

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This story is for James Jr. my piano virtuoso student.

The __________Family lives in__________. There is Mother______, Father_______, Grandma and Grandpa_________and their son___________ and daughter_________. They all love each other very much and they never fight.

You might think this is strange, but the ________family lives in a giant mushroom. Don't worry, it's a big mushroom and the walls are strong and there is a big fireplace so everyone stays warm.

Today it is snowing outside so the _________family stayed inside their warm, nice, mushroom house.

Grandma ________decided to make bibimbap for her family. It's a very special bibimbap because it is made with apples, lollipops, chocolate, sausage and seol sa yak. I know it sounds strange but everyone in the _________family likes it.

They aren't the only ones to like it.

Outside Ojingo and Domingo were walking in the snow when they smelled Grandma _________special bibimbap.

Ojingo said, "I smell something yummy."
Domingo said, "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble." Because he had not learned how to speak English like Ojingo.

Ojingo said, "I smell grandmummy's bibimbap, chummy."
Domino asked, "Bubble, bubble, bub, bub?"

Ojingo said, "Sneaky, Sneaky, we will stealy."
Domingo laughed, "Bubbub bub, bubbub bub!"

Everyone in the mushroom house sat around the kitchen table so hungry for the bibimbap grandma made.

Their son ________ said, "I'm so hungry I could eat a bee."
Their daughter_______said,"I'm so hungry I could eat a tree."
Father_________said, "I'm so hungry I could eat George V."
Mother ________said, "I'm so hungry I could eat three keys."
Grandpa ________said,"I'm so hungry I could eat a dog flea."

Everyone looked at Grandpa and said ewwweh!

Suddenly the mushroom house got very dark.

"I can't see!" said __________.

I have to teach now so I'll have to finish this story later.


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