Next week, NEW GAME M.A.S.H.

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For my English Class next week, I would really like to play the game MASH. I remember that I always enjoyed playing this game as a child and I think my Korean students will get a kick out of it. I might be able to do this a couple of times. I'm going to target this game at my 5th and 6th Grade classes, but I think my 4th Graders would enjoy it also.

Here are some instructions I found for the game:

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Mkay, I will explain how to play MASH. First, get out a piece of paper. Write M.A.S.H at the top of the paper. (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) and pretend you have a friend with you because this is just practice so you get the hang of it. Make 6 columns with 5 lines in each and title the first column Girl/boy, title the 2nd column cars, 3rd is colors, 4th is job, 5th is number of kids, and 6th column is State. You must pick 5 girls/boys, cars, etc. At the top of the page your friend will keep drawing straight lines until you say "STOP!" and then when you do say stop, your friend will count the number of lines. (Hint: it's best not to have so many lines!) Lets say you have 8 lines. Your friend will keep going down the list and every 8th thing she comes to (car/house/etc) she will cross out the kind of car/house/etc you put there then she will keep going until you have one choice let out of the five. Once you're left with one choice under each of the categories you will say

"I live in a (M/A/S/H) with my husband/wife insertnamehere
who is a typeofjobhere
and we drive a *color* carname
with our #ofkids in statename"

If you want to play it online you can! Go to the site I provided under my sources. Have fun!


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