3rd Grade Birthday Lesson Review and a whole bunch else.

I know I haven't written in a while, but I blaming it on Zack. He's the one that got me into Starcraft and I wasted a couple of days of my life.

It's ok. I yanked the program from my mac and I don't plan on playing it again. I've got too much to do this week.

Tonight I have James Sr's Lesson. His son called me on Friday night because I left a paper at his apartment. It just had like a road map and directions- nothing important. He thought it was important. It's nice that he thought of me.

I plan on talking to Mr. James about the political election and how he feels Korean politics will benefit or not benefit from having a one party system.

I have to read Plato's Republic this week for a lesson on Saturday and I'm meeting Eun Hoon? for Korean lessons tomorrow.

Today for my third grade class I'm going to do review from the book and sing The Wheels on the Bus Song. I'm going to play the Yes/No game.


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