Getting me through the day

Red rose fading
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Fatboy Slim is getting me through this Monday. The energy is necessary.

My kids are overly hyperactive. I had a third grade girl just break down and start crying in front of the class because one of the boys called her crazy.

Another kid took a ball, a foam ball and winged it at my head. I wanted to smack him, but I can't.

My last class was a lot better. They were really fun and cute. They liked doing the skit and they all sang the wheels on the bus. The game was fun too. A couple of kids tried to take the magnetic teddy bears, but other kids brought them back for me. They are doing the mei-lon thingy now outside my window. Basically they say mei-lon, mei-lon as they stick out their tongue. I guess it's their version of our raspberry sans spit.

I have one more class before lunch time. My stomach is acting a bit funny- it must have been the breakfast I had this morning.


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