Words that Koreans can't pronounce properly

which can often lead to confusion

Some of these I've noticed but many of them are from Dave's ESL cafe

library becomes rivarly

fifteen becomes fifty
thirteen becomes thirty
all the teens they tend to confuse

backyard becomes bangyard
nickname becomes ningname
chipmunk becomes chimmunk

better becomes budder

election becomes erection
lazy becomes ragey
career becomes korea
word becomes world

square becomes scare
zoo becomes sue
beach becomes bitch
city becomes shitty

vaccume becomes...

They sure do murder Gwyneth Paltrow's name, in a discussion about movies etc it took me forever to work out what they meant when they said "Guinness Pahtro".

" The one that I seem to hear a lot is when a nasal sound is inserted out of the blue between a word ending in "t" followed by a word beginning with "y", e.g. "what you want" becomes "whan nyou want".

Interesting stuff

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