Stupid .hwp files!

North Korea Preparing Missile Launch

I've been trying to find out a way I can open .hwp files on my Mac and it's honestly impossible. I'm going to have to download- I mean buy^^ a couple of word just so I can can get the reader to work. Wait that's really stupid because I can just down-- I mean buy a copy of hanword. Yeah. that's a fine idea.

I just hate this because it's all because Windows sucks ass and one of my students can't use Microsoft word on her PC because it makes her computer act erractically? and shut down. STUPID STUPID Microsoft.

My first writing class yesterday was nice. It went well and my students seem smart and receptive. I'm not so sure about their writing yet- I'll find out on Saturday. I established what I was going to do this semester and I laid down the law of what I was and was not going to accept. Also grading should be easier because I'm going to just underline mistakes in the first draft and go through more extensive edits on their second drafts. Plus I told them their collocations and the discussion questions would not be graded heavily and that they should, THEY SHOULD focus on their writing.

I have another one tomorrow.

Today is going well. I had a nice leisurely lunch because I only had to teach 3 classes. Lunch was bibimbap so I have to drop a load.

Oh, yesterday I met Eun Young and I really enjoyed myself. She's really unique, independent and free thinking. She's supercool.

Well, I have to read Plato's Republic for Alex's class (damn jerk, making me reread something I read like 10 years ago. Just kidding.)
I can pound it out in an hour if I simply apply myself.

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