3rd Grade

Lesson 5: I like apples.

This first lesson is about likes and dislikes.

1. First go over the rules from last week.
2. Teach simple sentence structures.

I like Apples. I do not(I don't) like apples.

I like to play soccer. I don't like to swim.

3. Go over the flash cards. I like I don't like.

4. Freetalking: I like, I don't like.

5. Game. Rock, Paper, scissors race.

Directions for Activity

① Put picture cards on the board. Whenever a
teacher puts a card on the board, ask them.
"Do you like _______?"
② Divide into two groups and select a leader
for each team. Let them stand to the sides
of the board.
T : I'll devide you into two teams.
(Direction : Team A : the last card of the left side on the board →right. Team B : the last card of the right side → left.)
③ When the teacher says, "START!", the two
leaders have to point to each card while the others of team A and B have to say together.
Team A : I like apples.
Team B : I like fish.
④ When both of the leaders meet in the middle, they have to do a 'rock, scissors, paper." Then, the losing team has to start from the beginning again.
⑤ The team that finishes reading all of the cards first wins.
⑥ When they've practiced the sentence,'I like
______.'enough, try to do it again with 'I don't like ________.'. When they do this activity, use the graph with O and X that corresponded to positive or negative sentences.;"○"is positive while '×'is regative opportunities other students to be a leader.
 You can give chances to students for a leader.

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