6th Grade 1st class

It was ok. The 6th graders are starting to fall victim to the middle school malaise I so often see. The pressures of getting into middle schools loom heavily over them and they are looking for ways out. Some stay confident because they have no reason not to. Others are getting desperate. It's the rat race of their life. From here on out they are going to have to work excessively in order to get into a good middle school, high school, university, job, wife/husband, family, money. Is there a way out for these kids? I hope so. There is too much pressure in Korea. This might explain why many people in Korea have elementary school reunions. It is the only point in their life where they felt free and hopeful about their existence. They rememember their picturesque sandy school yards adorn in soccerballs and dodgeballs and desks adorn in origami and spilled paint from their vantage of a high pressure lifestyle. Everyone is looking for Peter Pan these days.

I wish I could give them more time to be kids.

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