Tuesday 6th Grade

Busy, Busy Day. I tried to get up at 4:30 today. Tried, but I ended up hitting snooze until 6:30. I'm exhausted. I have 10 papers to grade. I have to fax an important document to my recruiter and I'm 7 minutes away from having to teach the dreaded, the dreaded 6th graders. But I have a plan.

Today's lesson.

Summer vacation.

1. What did you do this summer vacation? Short introduction and free talking.
2. The 5 rules of English Class. Expectations.
3. Steve's visit to Korea.
4. Draw a picture and talk about what people did over the vacation.
5. Trivia Game with the die. 2 teams. Each team will roll the die. The one with the higher number must answer first.

www.triviaplaza.com I'm going to do geography and landmark questions.

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