6th Grade 백합

I hate 6th grade 백합.

I spent the entire class yelling at them. I punished, I was fierce and yet they didn't respond. I felt like a raving loon. I need a new approach. And the thing is, it's not just me. All the other teachers feel the same. Mirina, the previous 6th grade teacher took the semester off just so she could avoid them.

I think I'm simply going to tell them that I refuse to teach that class if they act that way next week. The homeroom teacher can't even control them. If they don't listen to her, they damn as well ain't going to listen to me.

I think I should just make a worksheet for them and make them do the sheets. I'm going to give them busy work. I'm not going to play games in the class. I'll make them get those priviledges back.

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