I am so SMRT

I am so smart. The yen is gaining against the dollar so I'm going to wait a while longer and take the won I changed to yen and send that money to America. I should make a couple hundred due to the stronger yen to the dollar.

I'm still holding onto ebay, even though It's lost almost 30% since I bought it.

I think it's about time I sell GOOG again, but damn, I'm really hoping for the split.

I'm thinking about Intel. The layoffs will help in the long term. I think I'm going to buy more Starbucks.

I'm looking at water stocks and alternative energy stocks because I still have moral conflicts with owing oil stocks.

The picture of the Host up top is my serious consideration into buying Korean stocks. MMORPG games are kicking butt in Korea and I think there is more of an upside then console games. With processors dropping in price and with the integration of graphic's chips- PC games blow much of the competition away--except for XBOX 360. I'm going to say this here. PS3 will be stillborn. Sony is going to be a fossilized stegosaurus in the next year. PS3 is overpriced and blu-ray will fail as a medium. It is too expensive and unreliable. On top of that the quality isn't tremendously better than HD-DVD and it is encoded with an ancient codedic??? The Ericson phones might have a chance, but ultimately they are too high brow for American markets. Americans view cellphones as an accessory and not a necessary. They are easily disposed of i.e. smashed, lost, stolen, dunked in pepsi, etc. Get out while you can. Sony has put out so many duds it simply can't recover.



Now, I do see the thin invisible alliance that Sony and Apple has. With the giant exploding battery fiasco, I'm keeping tight tabs on it. I might have to pull out of Apple which is the bulk of my holdings.

You can't hold stocks on love after all.

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