English Club-5 rules

The first rule of English club is...


During my first week of classes I have been establishing the rules. I give them five rules that I EXPECT them to follow. This is something new I am trying this semester. I read them the rule and get them to repeat it, explain it, and then get a student to read a translation of it in English just so no students can claim, "Teacher, NO ENG-LISH-EE." Here are the rules with the translations.

1. Do not talk when I am talking.

내가 말할 때 말하지 마세요.

2. Raise your hand to speak.

말할 때 손을 들으세요.

3. Do not speak Korean in class.

수업 중에 한국말을 하지 마세요.

4. Three Strikes and NO game.

3번 경고 받으면 게임은 안해요.

5. Work hard and have fun.

열심히 공부하고 즐겁게 지내요.

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