It's Monday

I have 20 minutes to plan my 3rd grade class so I'll skip the chitchat and get right into what I'm doing today.

3rd Grade
Lesson 5: I like Apples
Period: 2

1) Ask about the weather.
2) Ask what day it is today. Review the days of the week.
3) Phonics: Ending consonants -k
I like picking pickles, popcorn, and chicken.
I don't like licking chicken, kitchens, or milk.
4) Go through the book.
5) Game: Guess what I like.
Materials: 12 Food or object magnets or flash cards.
Rules: Call up 6 kids and they have to go outside of the classroom and secretly choose a object they like. When they come back into the classroom, they have to hide it behind their back. The other kids have to guess what they have by asking:

Do you like apples?

They answer I don't like apples/ or whatever they have.

If time the scary picture^^

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