The Korean Keyboard

I have been in Korea for two years and I just noticed.

If you are working in Korea look down at your keyboard. Yes, it does have those familiar QWERTY letters, but look at the Korean underneath of it. It simply looks alien right?

Actually, it makes complete sense. Let me explain.

The QWERTY keyboard was invented in order to prevent the ancient mechanical typewriters from jamming up under intense typing. I think it also had something to do with friction or something too. Look it up on wikipedia if you want more detail.

However, today's computer keyboards have non of those mechanical elements and the whole ergonomics of the system is doubtful since so many people are suffering from carpal tunnel.

Korea's keyboard is split up with consonants on one side and the vowels on the other side. Now since every consonant must have vowel the equalizing motion of the letters make since. I just noticed it today and as soon as I figured it out my typing increased at least 300 precent because my eyes were focused on one sector of the keyboard.

I feel like a complete idiot because I've been doing the hunt and peck motion on the Korean keyboard for 2 years and it just dawned on me. Now that I figured out how to type the language, maybe I can learn how to speak it faster.

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