Stock update and Business Musings

This is a picture of real stocks. Colonial Stocks- the kind of stocks you simply could do without.

Apple is at $77.00 a share. I am amazed and I'm waiting for the split. I'm always watching out for the Forrest Gump factor, but I don't see a slide anytime soon. If Job jumps ship then I'm out of there too. I don't see Zune or Microsoft taking market share from the ipod. The ipod has become iconoclastic. Kick ass!

Ebay is making a climb to $28.41. I bought it almost 2 years ago at $35.00 so I'm planning to sell as close to that number as possible. I held onto it thinking that Skype was going to take Ebay to the next level, but now I don't see much profit potential in VOIP. Plus Google seems to have a vendetta against them. What really sucks is that I should have sold it at $60.

Turbochef and Ruth Chris Steak house, my IPOs are floundering. I'm going to unload them as soon as possible.

Google continues to kick ass, but I think I should have sold them off a couple weeks ago and rebought them. Adobe is doing well these days...finally. And so is Nexen, an US energy stock I bought a while back. Everything else is sort of the same.

Gold is up to $600 an ounce. I think I'm going to wait until they hit about $450 and then I'm going to buy a stake in gold. With oil prices sinking, it's possible.

Korean CD's might be a good investment also. A friend of mine told me they have 8% CDs for 3 months! That's insane! Plus the Yen versus the Won is low. Korea is looking brighter everyday.

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