Daily Musings.

I'm thinking of buying shares in GE. GE owns NBC and at this point, NBC is the lowest ranked of the 4 networks- I always thought it was CBS. Anyway, GE has holdings all over the place and although it's a tech and industrial company.

I'm reading the "The Coming Economic Collapse" by Stephen Leeb. It's insightful. It suggests how to safeguard your money with the coming? energy crisis. These are what Leeb suggests and doesn't suggest as sound investments

*Don't invest in Cash. Inflation causes the money under you mattress to lose value over time.
*Don't invest in Bonds. Bonds don't rise with the rate of inflation.
*TIPS- Treasury Inflation Protection Securities are the only bonds worth owning because the bonds go up with the rate of inflation.
*Don't invest in STOCKS! I don't know about this one.

Investment Jetpot 1
*Oil stocks i.e. Oil service companies. He recommends buying SLB.
*Real Estate
*Chindia or China and India.

I'll write more later. I've gotta appointment now.

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