Yesterday I climbed a mountain...Today, 5th Grade Lesson 13 part 2

Yesterday I climbed a mountain with all the other teachers. It was a lot of fun, now if I could only pronounce what the name of the mountain was... There is a bus that goes there, I think it was 4312. Pictures will follow.

13 minutes until classtime...

I am going to do the text book and then do a lesson using sports and buildings from

Here's the Link

Game?...Pg 183 cards...get them to cut them out.
I went shopping / to the zoo./I did my homework.

Directions for Activity

① Students make groups of four(six).
T : Let's make groups of four(six).
② Place the cards face down on the desk.
T : Stack the cards.
Place them face down on the desk.
③ All members of the group ask one student. "What did you do yesterday?" the student answers by guessing the card and turning one card over.
Ss: What did you do yesterday?
S1: I went to the park.
④ If the student answer correctly, he/she gets the card.
T: If you are correct, you can get the card.
⑤ The student with the most cards wins.
⑥ If the student does not answer correctly, he/she can't take the card over. And when the students ask, they change the date. It's OK to ask each day of the week or holidays.
Ss: What did you do on Sunday
Chuseok/last weekend?
S1: I went/played...

Incorrect konglish Pronunciation

Correct Pronunciation
nickname[níkneim] // nickname[níŋneim][k]→[ŋ]
at noon[ætnu:n] // at noon[æn nu:n][t]→[n]
not really[nat rí:ǝli] // not really[nan rí:ǝli][t]→[n]
Is that right?[iz ðæt rait] // Is that right?[iz ðæn rait][t]→[n]
only // only[n]→[l]
all night // all night[n]→[l]
homeroom // homeroom[r]→[l]
home run // home run[r]→[l]
already // already[r]→[l]
railroad // railroad[r]→[l]

I might be able to toss the ball and get them to pronounce this correctly...5 minutes to go.

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