Wednesday: 4th Grade

Ugh...10 minutes to my class... I am not going to stress.

Lesson 5 Period Two: Who is she?

1) I am going to start with a quick game of The Leader says...
2) Review who the last weeks characters were.
3) Computer and book lesson.
4) Work on Phonics. R's and L's
Ra Ra Ra La La La
Around the rugged rocks the rugged rascal ran.
Lilly licks lollipops, Lonnie likes Lilly, Lilly likes little lollipops.
5) I am going to introduce 6 new characters and then a ball toss game. I'll hold up the picture and the kid will have to say I am Mozart. I am a wolf. I like to eat hamburgers or something of the sort.
6) If that's not enough time then I'll do the guess who game again from last week.

Whew...2 minutes left...I wonder how the NHL is doing? Go Penguins!

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