3rd Grade: How many Cows?

The unit is on How many...?

1) Start out the class asking students how many ricecakes they ate over the holiday making sure they answer, "I ate... seong pyeongs..." Then ask "How many times did you eat bibimbap?" and "How many times did you play games?"
2) Distribute the numbered pictured flashcards to 15 students and then ask them to line themselves up in numerical order.
3) Go over the picture flashcards.
4) Turn the pictures over on the black board- showing only the number and then ask them, "How many...butterflies/rabbits/bags/erasers etc." They should answer by saying, "There are..."
5) Go through the computer lesson on the computer.
6) Play the secret number game.

Secret number game.

Teach them, "Is the magic number 5/6/7?; No, the magic number is higher/ lower."

Get one student to write the number secretly and the other students have to try and guess the number. Make sure that the number is between 1 and 15.


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