5th Grade Lesson 14, "Is Peter There?"

I just found out today that a supervisor is coming to my school to evaluate my school this week and my Thursday 5th Grade class is going to be evaluated. I have to make a lesson plan today.

So brainstorming a bit/ Is Peter There? I have an idea for a telephone paper cup game that might be fun. The book is a bit sparse. I should get them to talk about what they did over Chuseok to start. I should review, "What did you do yesterday?" I could do this with a magnet character like Mozart or something, but the supervisor might think it's just strange. Hmmm...I could use Suzy.

This is what I wrote on the sheet that the supervisor will see.

단원: Lesson
14. Is Peter There?
학습목표: Lesson Objective
To introduce how to communicate on the telephone.
학습활동: Lesson Plan
*Review, "What did you do yesterday?"
*Go over textbook- pg 112, 113.
*Role Play a conversation using cup and string phones.
*Play telephone bingo.
평가: Evaluation
*Students should be able to properly dicate phone numbers and answer a phone. Q & A.

I'll work on this again, but I think that I might add a dialogue that focuses on dictating phone numbers. I have 8 minutes before I'm out of here.

I'm thinking that for my 6th graders, I might do Alphabet Race or an Anagram Race. I'll plan that one out tomorrow.


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