4th Grade Lesson 6. Is this your cap?

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Hi Yea Jin^^

Lesson Plan. Since today is going to rain I'm going to start out with a chant and then get the students to insert their names in the third line. Here are the lyrics.


Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day

Optional lyrics:

Change third line to say:
[child's name] and [child's friend's name]
want to play

2. I'm going to do the book- pages 60 and 61 and quickly play the game on page 61.

3. I'm going to do Look and Listen 2 on page 62 and 63 because I won't have enough time this semester to finish the book.

4. I'm going to finish with Tag Game from the book. Here are the instructions.

-Let's play tag.

materialsclassroom objects

GroupingGroup work

ExpressionsIs this your ?

Yes / No.

1. It's time for a game.

Let's play tag, and you can help find the owner of an item.

2. Let's play.

Students take turns being "it" and go out of the classroom to wait for a while.

Choose a student's item and put it on the table.

All the students in the classroom call "it" to come into the classroom.

"It" tries to find the owner of the item on the table. Students sing a song loudly if "it" comes close to the owner. If not, their voice gets softer and softer.

When 'it" chooses someone as the owner, students ask him/her together, "Is this your pencil?"

The chosen student answers, "Yes, it is/ No, it isn't."

The teacher can be "it" and the game will be very interesting.

When you play tag, someone runs after the other players to tag(touch) one of them. You call him/her "it".

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