iPod Games Mini Golf Review

2 out of 5

I wish they did a golf game like Mario Golf for the Gameboy. That was kick ass. This is simply not creative and the controls and gameplay are unrealistic. Often if you simply hit the ball hard it'll ricochet off a ton of stuff and you'll magically sink a hole in one. A WASTE OF MONEY! Get Zuma- now that's a kickass game for the ipod^^ Oh and you wankers complaining about not being able to play it on a Nano, DUH! Read the instructions and stop buying on impulse!

Apple or EA should be able to make a real golf game for the ipod. It's easy enough and the controls could be intuitive. They need to take this one back to the drawing board OR make a game specifically for the iPod instead of taking a made product and tweaking it for a different format.

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