Korea is becoming curiosier and curiosier

I was walking in Olympic Park today...It's out by Monchondaesan???- transfer to the pink line from Jamsil for one stop; the park is gorgeous. And I kept on seeing these odd signs with squirrels on them. I mean there were everywhere hence I thought it was some sort of squirrel festival or something, so I asked my friend, "So is there like a Squirrel festival or something happening?" Of course she answered, "Mwo e go?" which means what? I pointed to one of the signs and she laughed and then told me the signs were telling people in the park to STOP STEALING THE ACORNS! That's what the signs mean.

Apparently Koreans go to the park and steal the acorns from the tiny cute squirrels. And what do they do with the acorn? They make dotori muchim with it. It's kinda like an acorn jelly (it's delicious.) Here's a pict and a link to how it's made.

Someone else told me the squirrels were "good eating" (sorry that was my Tennesee transplant father).

Someone told me that the squirrels aren't even native to Korea and that they are harmful for the biosphere. So...taking their nuts might not be all that bad. (I still think it's funny that people go to the park to compete with squirrels to steal their nuts.)

Oh, another question should be laid out...how many acorns does it take to make dotori muchim???


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