My current obsession with lists

Lists, Lists, Lists, Lists, I am currently making a list of all the things that I have to do during the day and scratching them off as I accomplish them. Yes, I know how utterly anal that sounds, but it's keeping my life in order and it's bringing a whole new level of productivity to my life. I am finishing about 80% of what is on the list and I'll go in spurts where I'll do 5 or six items in a row like calling a friend, sending an e-mail, checking for classes, etc. These items are small things that take a simple bit of motivation to do.

I highly recommend you write lists. Scratching off what you've accomplished gives one a sense of....accomplishment. That's a good feeling.

By the by, the new Killer's Album, Sam's Town is amazing! Current fave songs are Sam's Town, when you were young, and Read my Mind.

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