What's work?

So...For the last month, I've come into school to work but I think I've worked a total of 8.25 full days. Today's date is October 25th by the way and it looks like tomorrow and the next day I'll have to work a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes. So my total work days for this month will be a total of 10.50. That's my estimate anyway.

Let me explain. The first week our school had Chusak- the Korean Thanksgiving holiday so we had the whole week off. The week back I had to work the whole week but then on the third week the 3rd graders had a picnic on Monday and the 6th Graders had a picnic on Tuesday so those two days I had for "planning" then on that Friday the 3rd graders had a picnic so I had only 3 classes this week.

Now this week, the week of October 23-27, the sixth graders had a Physical Fitness Examination on Tuesday, so I had no classes (all my 6th grade classes are on Tuesday). Tomorrow the 5th and 6th graders have examinations so I have only 1 fourth grade class to teach. On Friday the 3rd and 4th graders have exams so...I have only 1 5th grade class to teach.

Life is good.

If you're going to work at a public school in Korea, the second term (September to December) is always bliss. There is so much vacation that you can spend the time writing the great Americanadi-eurofricasian novel or...spend the time catching up on dramas, tv shows and movies.


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