7 minutes to my 5th grade class

Oh crap Oh crap. I have 7 minutes to prep. The lesson is on Can you Join us? So I'm going to show picture cards and invite people to join us for certain events. If they can't they have to give me some sort of excuse why.

I'll get the kids to make some sort of sentence using the words from the Let's read box and the part two are word families so they just need to find the irregular word.

The Role play is the Bremen Town musicians. I'll get them to act it out some how. I'll just pick the crazy kids and make them act like fools and then finish with the review. The dialogue is in the book and Hanword doesn't like Google.

Game??? I have an old Harry Potter Trivia quiz that I'll use and give out candy. I'll get a kid to be a quiz show host and they have to aske questions too! Ok. that might work. Get a kid to be a game show host and ask questions to others.

Let's see if I can pull this off. Here I go. Hey...I've got candy, so they can't kill me^^


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