First of all, the 5th grade lesson was horrible.

I ended up MacGyvering a class by getting kids to make sentences using the words from the vocabulary list. My kid's English levels are too high and the ones that know it want to express themselves in class so they are not content to do the simple subject-verb- agreement sentences. I ended up flying through the lessons and the Bremem town role play is something that my 3rd graders can do so I improvised making the Cat, Dog, and Donkey have a fight over artist differences and decide to break up.

The quiz worked very well. Do a search on my page for Harry Potter Quiz. Read out the questions and ask call out kids to give answers. Oh, Jeopardy works very well too. It also works if you get the kids to make questions and then make a jeopardy board in class using the questions.

Oh, and you don't always have to give candy^^ but it's an easy crutch.

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