How to use students to say have a happy holiday to friends and family overseas

All you need for this is a bunch of 4 x 3 white notecards from the stationary store and prepare a short slideshow with pictures of your family or friends. What I'm going to do is show my different classes pictures of either my mother, father, sisters, or friends and tell them a little about them. I'm going to work in what they like and what kind of a person they are into the lesson. For example, my friend Henry is an opera singer and he loves to sing and cook cakes and he wants to look pretty like that this Korean guy.
Then I'll ask them to write him a holiday postcard with scenes from Korea or well wishes for the holiday season.

In another class I'll show them a picture of my sisters Jill, Jenna, and my Mom and Dad.

Then I'll collect them all and mail them out to the states. I think everyone will get a big kick out of it and they'll realize that I'm really happy in Korea and there is no need to fear the bomb^^

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