Death Note

I love this anime enough to read the manga^^

I know I've said that before, but I think that the art and the story is awesome. It's kinda like Conan (the detective), Bleach, and Full Metal Alchemist mixed into one. Wait maybe not so much FMA because FMA is my all time favorite anime, but this one is quite good. It's a tad dark for my tastes and it doesn't have the light comic relief of a character like Al, actually, Ryuk (I think that's correct) the shinigami (sp...sorry) is quite dark and adds to the tension rather than eases it.

The story is about a brilliant student named Light Yagami that finds a Death Note-a notebook that if one writes the name of any person that person will die- and he decides to use the note to cleanse the world of evil and become its new god. Yes, it's about a kid with unimaginable powers with a god complex. Light begins killing criminals one by one- if he just writes the names of a criminal in the book, they simply die, he can specify their death too- and this draws the attention of "L"- a mysterious but equally brilliant detective and he is determined to bring down Light.

The premise is very interesting, the psychology is engrossing, and the intelligence is stunning. One of my favorite scenes I've seen so far is the system that Light invents to hide the notebook in his desk drawer (I don't want to give it away.) and how he uncovers the name of the FBI agent sent to tail him.

Watch the show! It's great! I can't wait until the movie is subbed in English!

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