This was my comment on TUAW the unofficial Apple Webblog about how often do I watch video on my ipod:

I watch video all the time since I found videoera. It's an open
source video converter and it works pretty well. It's FREE and FAST!
And I'm not saying it's free and and then you get only like 10
minutes of converted video like some converters. The only drawback
is that it's only for windows. I used to use FortyTWO-DVD VXPLUS,
but randomly my paid license stopped working. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you
buy Forty-TWODVD-VXPLUS (who the hell came up with that name anyway).
The service sucks and I've tried to call them and e-mailed them like 4
times and nobody answers my e-mails.For the Mac Podner is a good bet.

So learn from me kids, don't buy FortyTWO-DVD VX PLUS. It's the stupidiest name I've ever heard of for a software program and the programmers are equally retarded!

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