Monday 3rd grade! It's snowing.

Actually, it's raining's all good.

This week is going to be super easy. It's only a three day week because the little midgets are having tests on Thursday and Friday! AZA!

After this week, I've only got three more days until my elementary school days are over! I'm going to miss it, but what can you do?

Today in third grade I'm going to start by asking them the weather and then
1) I'll start with the chant in the book: It's Snowing.
2) I'll do the look and speak.
3) I'm going to do the roleplay about the Ant and the grasshopper. I'll get the students to act it out.
4) Review
5) Game: Passing the card game. Students get in a line and have to listen to me and pass the lines from back to front repeating the phrase I say, i.e. "It's Sunny, let's go outside. It's snowing! etc. There will be referees to make sure they are saying the phrase.

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