My November 1st Resolution

I need to be more focused. I feel that my mind and my priorities are so helter skelter these days. I guess priorities change when you have a girlfriend, but it doesn't mean that everything else should be put on the back shelf. I really need to keep myself more physically fit. I need to exercise more. Tuesday I ran like 2 miles and I feel it in my legs. Also, beer and alcohol is definitely a No. I feel horrible afterwards and tired the next day. Well...I don't mind wine. Wine seems to be OK, but beer simply bloats me. I need to make a rule and stay away from beer. I'm staying away from Soju for sure. It turns me into a raving jerk and that's not what I want to be. To be honest, I like myself the best when I'm actively doing something either teaching, working, having intelligent conversations, or writing. I should focus more on my writing.

I will focus on learning Korean too...for real this time- I mean it.


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