Sad iPod: How Matt Damon and Leonardo killed my iPod

My ipod died yesterday as I was watching The Departed on my iPod. I guess it's the hand of mighty Steve Jobs telling me that's a no no. Thank you Steve for letting me know that downloading videos to my iPod is illegal. I have been smited by the ye mighty hand. Praise be to Steve.

Technically, the hard drive failed. Now, what am I going to do? I looking at the Archo's player that has WiFi. Too bad they don't sell them in Korea. I'm going to be iPod less for 1 week until they repair it.

I was looking at the new shuffles, but the clip seems a little tempermental. I think I'd rather wait for the 1Gig 1st Gen Shuffles to go down in price and buy one of them. It was always my favorite one and it never broke like my nano (screen), iPod photo (some weird logic board issue), and now my iPod video (hard drive). It's not me! For real! It's not me, I treat all ipods like they're gold and I've never dropped the iPod video.

Thank god for Applecare^^ (I mean Thank Steve)


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